SCAN newspaper

I wrote articles for the Lancaster University student newspaper, SCAN, as an international correspondent in 2011-2012. I wrote a regular column called ‘Emails from Australia’ on the perspective of a British student studying in Australia, whilst I was undertaking undergraduate studies at the University of Wollongong.

Australian Comedy is more than Tactless Plagiarism (31th May 2011), on Australia’s stand-up comedy scene

Aussie Protests: Justified or Unjustified? (11th May 2011), on recent protest campaigns in Australia

The Aboriginal Dilemma Continues (4th May 2011), on Aborigine perspectives and culture

The Pursuit of the Perfect Beach (2nd March 2011), on Australian beach life

The Ocean of Australian Music (15th February 2011), on Australia’s broad and ranging music scene

Queensland flood should be a warning of what is to come (15th January 2011), on flooding in Queensland and future environmental change in Australia

Travelling is a full-time occupation (15th December 2010), on travelling in Australia

Catchin’ a wave (30th November 2010), on Australia’s surfing scene and false perspectives in the lifestyle of surfers

A Tale of Three Cities (22nd October 2010), on the identities of Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne

The Novelty of being British (4th October 2010), on nationalism in Australia