About me

My name is Penny How and I am a glaciology PhD student at the University of Edinburgh and the University Centre in Svalbard. My research is focused on examining the influences on glacier calving behaviour, using Kronebreen glacier in Svalbard as an example system. We are primarily using time-lapse cameras to capture short-term changes, and using photogrammetric techniques to transform the observations into quantitative data. This work forms part of the Calving Rates and Impacts on Sea Level (CRIOS) project whose aim is to better understand calving dynamics and its future contribution to sea level change.

Research interests: time-lapse camera set-ups and photogrammetry analysis, glacier calving, role of water in glacier dynamics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) applications in glacial environments, glacier-volcano interactions in Iceland

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Email: p.how@ed.ac.uk
Twitter: @PenelopeRHow
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